Honeymoons & Receptions

The day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl is finally here. You’re getting married! All that planning and preparation to make it just right takes its toll. Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend your honeymoon at the same location as the reception? At Brighton Chalets you can!

“Marrymoons or Marrimoons ~ Where couples combine their ceremony, wedding reception and honeymoon in the one location, now seem to be becoming more and more popular.” (Truebride.com)

Situated at the top of breathtaking Big Cottonwood Canyon and just half an hour from Salt Lake City Brighton Chalets offers the perfect location for both your reception and honeymoon. With it’s delicate latticework and decorative wood detailing you will feel like you are in the Swiss Alps.

For the reception take your pick between the manor and the majestic. Both have nice wide open living spaces and large kitchens.

The manor with it’s high vaulted ceiling and grand fireplace creates a beautiful setting for a reception.


What are the pros of having your honeymoon at the same location as your destination wedding?

Unpack once

The first and most obvious reason to honeymoon at your wedding location is the lack of additional travel. Many couples don’t want to waste precious vacation time traveling any more than they have to. Plus, staying put means you unpack once.

Hang out with friends and family a bit longer

Another advantage of staying at the same resort or hotel is being able to interact with wedding guests a bit longer. It is not uncommon for wedding guests to stay an extra day or even an extra week after the wedding.

If you’re the type of person who wants to hang out with family and friends as long as possible, then staying at the same resort after your destination wedding makes for a great option. You can always meet your guests during the day and save the nights for the two of you.

It’s much cheaper to stay at the same resort for your honeymoon

Cost is another reason that couples will choose to stay at the same location as the wedding. Many all inclusive resorts will offer a free Wedding Package if you book a honeymoon with them. Others will offer you free honeymoon if you book a wedding. If you are on a tight budget, there is no better option than to book one of these packages since the cost per night will not be cheaper anywhere else.

In addition to saving money on the hotel or resort, you have to remember that you will also be saving money on any additional airfare, and transportation too.